Heat Pump Accessories

Heat Pump Accessories

Mitsubishi Wireless Thermostat Interface

Product Code: A



Mitsubishi Wireless Thermostat Receiver

Product Code: B



FTC5 Controller

Product Code: C



Mel - Cloud WiFi

Product Code: D



Pair of rubber mountings Fix-it foot 600 Kit (Pair)

Product Code: E

Mounting Kit for Ecodan Heat Pump...


Pair of flexible pipe connections for Monobloc Heat Pumps

Product Code: F

These should be used for connection of an Ecodan heat pump to pipewor..


10 Ltr Fernox HP-5C Antifreeze

Product Code: G

10 Ltr Fernox HP-5C Antifreeze Containing Boicide..


28mm Magnetic Filter

Product Code: H

This is used to filter and remove magnetic particles from the Ecodan system...


Drain Socket Kit (Large)

Product Code: I

This is required if one wishes to pipe the heat pump condensate to a drain location...


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